Nagpakalat ng Fake News sa Facebook binigyang Aksyon ni Yorme

A Facebook post by Ronald Gunday showing that in a particular place in Barangay 432, there would be an alleged "Tupada."

The authorities currently investigate him due to fake news he posted. The image that was published by him is an old picture comparing to the actual CCTV footage, which is very different.

The government is doing its best to assist and support the people. At least do you share in helping the government also by not tolerating this false information like posting or even re-posting online?

It is a waste of time and resources for the government.

As for Mr. Gunday, he is now facing a violation of RA 10175 or Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2012 and RA 11469 Bayanihan to Heal as One-Act.





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