Nasa Scientists Find Evidence Of Possible Parallel Universe 2020 News

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A team of NASA scientists has detected evidence in Antarctica that may indicate the existence of a possible parallel universe where the laws of physics would be opposed to ours. The experts were conducting an experiment with the Antarctic Transient Impulsive Antenna (Anita) to detect a constant "wind" of high-energy particles from space when they were surprised by a noise coming from Earth.

These particles, known as subatomic neutrinos, can pass completely through the Earth, due to the low energy and mass close to zero. However, a high-energy variant is disrupted by our planet’s solid matter. Therefore, these neutrinos can only come from space, since they would be prevented by solid elements if they were on the planet.

However, after analyzing the data collected by the antenna, the team found that the particles were coming out of the snow — a behavior unknown by the laws of physics.

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