Olongapo City—While the world scampers to find the antidote for the highly infectious Covid 19, some countries have even claimed having invented the virus vaccine, an anti-viral vaccine for this most dreaded disease may be just in our neighborhood.

The Fabunan family of doctors have for years now been treating patients with dengue, chikungunya, dog bite, snake bites, and even HIV/AIDS with their anti-viral injection. According to Dr. Willie Fabunan, his anti-viral injection is a combination of drugs anyone can buy from drug stores over-the-counter.

“We just change the ratio of these combination drugs in treating various ailments,” Fabunan said in stressing the safety of the drug combo.

Dr. Willie Fabunan now maintains clinics in San Marcelino, Zambales and in Olongapo City.

Dr. Fabunan has successfully treated nine out of ten HIV/AIDS patients way back when he was still practicing in his hometown in San Marcelino, Zambales in 1999.

Willie’s elder brother Ruben, who is now based in Los Angeles, USA, founded the Fil-Am Tech, a private biotechnology firm, and began treating patients suffering from HIV/AIDS with the same drug.

As Covid 19 claims more lives in the country, the Fabunan families are offering this same drug as a powerful remedy against the dreaded disease.

One of the family members, who helped found the Help for Life, Incorporated, and his partners have started an online petition for the DOH to test their anti-viral drug which they named as Prodex-B against Covid19.

In Change.org, Help for Life President John Carlos delos Reyes said, it is urgent to consider for immediate testing the anti viral drug by the DOH as a potential cure for Covid 19