The #Unexplained_UFO s #NASA Files: Are We Alone?

Once again, the Science Channel is reprising its popular extraterrestrial-themed Are We Alone? week.

As previous years have demonstrated, the Science Channel does an incredible job packing the first week of March with highly entertaining and provocative shows exploring UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

As the network explains, “This March, Science Channel returns with its programming event dedicated to one of mankind’s most pressing questions with ARE WE ALONE? – a week-long campaign dedicated to satisfying viewers’ appetite for aliens.” Science Channel’s executive vice president and general manager, Debbie Myers, states, “So many people are obsessed with the existence of aliens . . . ARE WE ALONE? ignites their imaginations with bold new questions, and engages current research happening in the field of extraterrestrial life. It’s programming that asks questions and makes you think. We hope ARE WE ALONE? advances the conversation even further.” . . .

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