UFOs & Aliens Hoax! NASA’s «Project Blue Beam» Conspiracy Confirmed [Pt1]

UFOs and aliens are a NASA hoax and government conspiracy. "Project Blue Beam" is confirmed as many Unidentified Flying Objects now fill the skies worldwide. This elaborate air show has been ongoing since the 1980’s. Roswell was thoroughly debunked, yet that didn’t stop the conspiracy theories.

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In 1987, President Ronald Reagan said something very odd and perhaps revealing, all things considered in this bizarre “New Age” we are being forced into.

But it doesn’t stop there. In 1985, 2 years before at the Geneva Summit in Switzerland, Reagan asked Russian President Gorbachev if he would assist the US if an Extra-terrestrial threat on the planet ever arose. Why on earth would the president of the US say this to his biggest adversary at that time? What an interesting idea. Hmmm.

What I’m getting at here is in relation to a video I did previously on Gaia.com, which still hasn’t received enough views and I will be doing a lot more on that website because of this. That site alone, was the most shocking revelation I have ever had. Upon making that groundbreaking discovery, which included a plethora of so-called Truth-seekers and researchers who questionably always tend to leave out any mention of Christ or sound biblical teaching unless it involves the Nephilim, I have started to shift more of my attention towards this ancient alien theory and hoax. More recently, I discovered that Zecharia Sitchin is also involved, and if my suspicions are correct, this has to be the biggest hoax and conspiracy of all time.

They’re going to town with this. The fact that many of them are being exposed as Freemasons and are obsessed with New Age madness means we need to understand that this is all their lies, lies which I now believe go all the way back to the Roswell incident, which was most likely a government contrived hoax they have provided unconvincing cover stories for only to sensationalise and add credibility to their own hoax, and to excite a whole movement of ET whackjobs. Like I said, if the rabbit hole goes this deep, and we’ve already seen how deep it goes with gaia.com, then this is the biggest conspiracy of all time, one which could involve a fake second coming and rapture and a fake first contact with extra-terrestrials, which is why This next playlist I’m planning could be my greatest work yet.

I believe we are looking at something perhaps not exactly the same as but akin to what is known as Project Blue Beam, because everything that has happened up until now and everything on the Gaia.com website, ancient alien theory, Icke’s reptilians and where all of this is going means that stage one of the Project Blue Beam conspiracy is already underway, and it won’t be long before they fake some “undeniable discovery and proof” that refutes every ancient religion including Christianity in favour of theirs. Incidentally, the Vatican has its own Jesuit astronomy programme and observatory, which believes space is the new terrestrial frontier, as if it weren’t weird enough already. It’s pretty obvious where this is going.

And look at all these legends in the field they have, freely masquerading as some kind of activist heroes. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, that’s because it is.

Alex Jones, David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, so many others. Where did these guys suddenly come from? Ay? All of a sudden, we’ve got these guys, changing everyone’s whole perception of things and beliefs, whether it be religion, politics, history, all of it, completely turned upside down. Come on.

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