What happens when a NASA spacecraft approaches the sun?

It is the first time in the world that data has been obtained so close to the sun. According to a foreign news agency, NASA’s mission to touch the sun escaped catastrophe, the "Parker Solar Probe" approaching the sun, it was likely the size of an ordinary vehicle The probe burned down, but NASA experts managed to evacuate it safely. In December last year, the US space agency NASA shared a near-image image of the sun, which was rotating around the stars, with the aim of sharing the image so that NASA could inform the world that The astronauts sent on a mission to touch the sun have begun. This image was made by Parker Solar Prop Mission at a distance of 21.7 million km from its aircraft, while its distance from the earth is 21 million 4 million years. Remember that in 2018 NASA launched a dangerous and life-threatening ‘touching the sun’ to discover the secrets of the solar system